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Choosing the right specialty pharmacy is essential to managing your medical conditions. If you’re dealing with a complex medication regimen, you require additional support such as careful coordination and an advanced understanding of your therapy.

Alps Specialty Pharmacy has knowledgeable and friendly team members standing by to assist you with a hands-on approach. We aim to make sure you’re confident with your medication regimen, know what to expect from your therapy and that you receive your medication on time. We help you live a healthier life by offering:

Personalized Care

Your health care needs are unique and you deserve personalized care. When you receive your first prescription, our trained staff will contact you for an initial consultation. We take the time to go over your treatment plan, making sure you’re comfortable and that your questions get answered.

Physician Collaboration

Alps Specialty Pharmacy® is a valuable extension of your physician’s office, helping to keep them informed of your progress throughout your treatment. We also want to make sure you don’t have difficulty following your regimen and that you don’t experience any unexpected side effects. If you do have a problem with your treatment, we contact your doctor immediately.

Regular Follow-up

We stay in contact with you throughout your treatment to make sure that you get your medications and supplies quickly and accurately. We also send out refill reminders before your medications run out and are always ready to answer your questions and help you stay on track.

Insurance Benefits Exploration

Our goal is to help you gain access to the quality medical treatment you deserve. If your medication or medical equipment becomes a financial burden, we’ll use our relationship with insurers to find every option available to you. We will also provide upfront confirmation of coverage, so that you always know and understand the costs and options.

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Alps Specialty Pharmacy provides free delivery through door-to-door drop off and mail-order services throughout Missouri.