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Caring For Patients

With Alps Specialty Pharmacy as your partner, you get to focus on caring for your patients. Our team of trained experts will work with your staff to coordinate efforts so that patients receive the best healthcare experience possible.

We provide the following services:

The Medications Patients Need

Alps Specialty Pharmacy has broad access to a variety of drugs, especially in the area of specialty medications. And by making prescription ordering easy and efficient, we help your patients get quicker access to their medications. We also offer fast and reliable delivery and refill reminders to help you ensure that patients never run out of the medications they need.

Regular Follow-up With You

We know that it’s essential that your patients adhere to your treatment plan. We also know that any number of barriers can make adherence difficult. To minimize any avoidable medical issues, we will regularly communicate so that we can quickly address any non-adherence issues that occur.

Patient’s Initial Consultation

We know that it is important for your patients to understand their medications and the regime you’ve created for them. We schedule an introductory consultation to get to know them and to look for anything that might prevent them from taking their medications as prescribed. We also discuss their treatment plan, dosing and potential side effects.

Prior Authorizations

We participate in most major insurance plans to offer your patients greater access to affordable medications. We also help expedite prior authorization by contacting carriers directly. You will be able to spend more time on patient care and your patients will start their regime more quickly.

24/7 Patient Support

Alps Specialty Pharmacy provides 24-hour, 7-days a week support for patients.
During business hours call (417) 719-4510.

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